“Ever since my daughter was a toddler, I was aware she had a severe Class III underbite. I obtained many opinions from dental colleagues, and the majority of them recommended surgery. I wanted to avoid surgery if possible...and took her to an orthodontist, but after 1 year of treatment, I did not see much improvement. When I consulted Dr. Lin, he gave me confidence that non-surgical treatment would be possible and within 6 months, I saw correction of the underbite. I appreciate not only Dr. Lin’s professionalism but also his gentle treatment of his daughter. Dr. Lin treated us as if we were members of his own family. I am happy and relieved that she is in such good hands.”
— Dr. Lynn, General Dentist in San Jose
“Dr. Lin is the orthodontist for my family. My third child is currently under his care after very successful treatments for her 2 siblings. Dr. Lin was very thorough with the initial diagnosis. X-rays and pictures of pre-treatment conditions were taken before face-to-face consultation. At the consultation, Dr. Lin took the time to explain his recommendations and suggestions patiently. I felt like I was sitting in one of his lectures and was truly amazed by his knowledge. He always has his best patient’s interests in mind.”
— Bonnie S., Mother of 3
“As someone who is stressed about going to the dentist, I’m always pleasantly surprised by my visits to Dr. Lin. Not only is he very patient about my phobia, he is always willing to explain everything clearly and listen to my concerns. Instead of just telling me what my X-rays show, he brings me the images and traces through to show me what is occurring...managing to turn a root canal into a virtually painless experience for me.”
— Vicky R., College Student
“We made two mistakes when our daughter, Dorothy, was very young.: We gave her sugar for treats, and we brought her to our own dentist for her tooth treatment. The young doctor had no experience with kids. Every of the seven tooth crowning became a nightmare. And with her fierce struggle every time, the crowning became loose in just a few months. Fortunately, Dr. Hengsheng Lin’s office shares the same floor as mine. We brought Dorothy to him with a little hope that we did the right thing at that time. Surprisingly, he fixed those teeth by re-crowning them and I didn’t hear Dorothy’s crying (or screaming to be precise) any more. Now, Dorothy has grown up to a young lady with a good diet and teeth-cleaning habits. She keeps regular checkups at Dr. Lin’s office, and we expect her to keep this good habits for many years.”
— Dr. Chou, Engineering Ph.D
“I have heard of Dr. Lin’s outstanding skills and experiences and I have also personally experienced his care for his patients. Dr. Lin spent a lot of time on my consultation and explained to me in detail what we may need to do for my case and why. This caring approach to consultation helped me overcome my psychological fear and smooth out the process. Before pulling out my 4 teeth, Dr. Lin checked again to make sure it was truly necessary in order to achieve the result we desired. I would strongly recommend Dr. Lin to anyone so they can enjoy his outstanding dental skills and care for patients.”
— Mimi W., Finance Professional
“I’ve been moving from dentist to dentist for as long as I can remember, but not anymore! I’m super happy to have found Dr. Lin through a referral. He is super nice and the costs are very good compared to everywhere else that I go. So far I’ve had teeth cleaning and cavity fillings here. I’ll be doing braces here as well, as he’s also an orthodontist. Pretty impressive, IMO.
— Sophia H., College Student
“Both of my children have been to Dr. Lin’s dental office for years because he is the best orthodontist around. Dr. Lin is careful, pays attention to details, and cares about his patients. Before my daughter got braces, I wanted to know what exactly would happen so Dr. Lin talked to me for an entire hour about the process. Whenever I have questions, he is always willing to answer them patiently. I highly recommend Dr. Hengsheng Lin to anyone looking for a dentist.”
— Chris K., Father of 2
“Hi Dr. Lin, this is Alick! I had braces with you for 4 years and ever since, I’ve loved my smile! My teeth look great and I am very satisfied. My mom also says that my smile has become part of my personality! Thanks a lot for correcting my teeth and giving confidence in my smile!”
— Alick X., High School Student